Summer 2018


Images of a sunny summer starring Lemore Manor and David (giving the doorway arch a good soaking.)

Blue sky and sunshine as far as the eye can see, another perfect summer day here.  Mum used to quote ‘Happy the Bride the suns shines on’ meaning a sunny day heralds years of joy to follow, it should hold true for all of our recent couples. Congratulations to you all!

Spring and early summer are historically Wedding season, back in the time when the yearly bath was taken in spring, it made sense to have weddings when everyone was reasonably clean and fresh! Also the longer days meant more time for feasting and dancing. Flowers and herbs were carried to ward off unpleasant smells and represent the freshness and vitality of youth. The flower meanings attributed to the Victorians probably pre date Victoria herself. More of that in  a future blog…for now on to more up to date things.

Lots to report at our favourite venues, at Lemore Manor the gallery over the Coach House has  been completed with a new spiral staircase. It’s truly beautiful and will be used by Musicians and Photographers who will have a stunning view as couples make their vows. This weeks Lemore Bride and Bridesmaids had just taken a relaxing dip in the Hen House hot tub and were ready for hair and makeup when we delivered flowers. What a way to start a wedding day. The wedding included lots of fresh rose petals, oh so pretty. For the bouquets we used Meijer Sweet Avalanche and Four  Seasons roses , softest pink O’Hara roses and  Sarah Bernhardt Paeonies. This combination delivered the colours the Bride requested and also the added element of flower perfume which we always try to include. Flower fragrance lasts in our memory to be re awakened by the same perfume in other forms over future years.

We are looking forward to dressing the garden Gazebo at The Curradine Barns for an outdoor wedding, it’s going to look be very natural and pretty

For bigger weddings The Elms Hotel now sets up a huge marquee on the croquet lawn. It looked picture perfect  for Izzie and Rob, full of lovely family details made especially for the day but also carrying forward items made for previous family weddings. The colours were country garden whites and blues, White O’Hara roses this time and dainty thistle like Eryngium to link with family roots, both featured. Table names were Gin themed and included many local ones including Chase, where we just happen to be going for a tour soon, a happy coincidence or what?

Our Buy British policy continues, we’ve had fabulous Lilies, Paeonies, Stocks and Gypsophila all British grown alongside the foliage from Ireland. We’ve added to these from our cutting garden, smaller Hydrangea, Sweet peas and Eryngium and some of our own Larkspur and Delphinium too. The cutting garden doesn’t always perform to the required time schedule so we still buy lots of other fresh flowers too to ensure quality, quantity and to meet the colour specifications of  our Brides.


Our stunning couple here are Corrie  and Henry, a bouquet of Paeonies and a beautiful gown ! They both look amazing and we love the photos by  thank you so much for letting us use them.

We have done lots of car ribbons over the years but have ribboned two beautiful Morgans recently, we’re looking forward to seeing photos. I have a Morgan on my wish list ……………………….. ……………..  I can carry on dreaming….but if I win the lottery look out for me in one of these……. in blue…


Congratulations to lovely friends Make Up and Hair and Artists  Aleks  and Tabby   both have new arrivals and are back at work already look amazing. Congratulations too to last years couples who have welcomed their first babies.  Our families latest arrival flew from Texas to say hello to all his family back in England, it was wonderful to see y’all!

Our summer blog competition….

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Watch out for another competition in our Autumn blog.

It looks as if we will have a good Honey yield this year and it’s time to do some watering. ……bye for now…………