Spring 2020

No one would have predicted the worldwide problems we face just now. Corona Virus has hit every aspect of our lives.  All of our spring Weddings have  been postponed and we are liaising with June and July Brides next. Our venues have, without exception, been great and helped couples to re book for later dates and we are happy to do the same. It’s impossible to know when the world will come through the worst of this virus but there is a great will to help each other through the tough times and get back to normal as soon as we all can.

We understand the upheaval and disappointment each couple faces at this stage. Plans for some weddings began two years ago and one less than a week away when the decision to postpone was made. Couples are all being very calm; one Groom is planning a second Stag party in the UK ‘to make the best of things.’ We are asking all of our couples who postpone, to send   a selfie  taken on their original wedding date. We hope to make a photo collage for the website; couples can be glum/cheery/wacky whatever feels right for them.

After the severe floods, early spring brought some wild and stormy days.  Our roof has leaked so our dear old house is going to need further work. It will all get sorted and could be much worse. We just have to place our trust in the men who will be up there soon, virus permitting. This made me think about the trust our Brides place in us. Flowers are the only thing our Brides don’t get to see before the big day. With every other detail checked and scrutinised we know it is a leap of faith to trust that we will get your vision and translate it into reality. With technology we can share ideas and images promptly to be ‘on the exact same page’ as you are.

The cutting garden has lots of Paeonies in bud and the Delphinium are already tall. In the greenhouse and polytunnel David has lots of trays of seedlings all looking promising, Sweet peas, Antirrhinum, Ammi, Scabious and more, along with all the herbs and vegetables. Planting out will begin after the last frosts. The Bees are starting to work on the plum and apple blossom, extra frames have been put onto the hives ready for the early honey. Audrey Hepburns wise quote ‘to plant a garden is to believe in the future’, rings so true.

Look after your loved ones, stay well and here’s to happy times ahead.