Autumn 2019

It’s a beautiful autumn day here, after a very cobwebby morning.  Looking beyond the laptop screen the garden still looks beautiful but in its autumn colours. The trees and the end of cutting garden are shades of golds, rust and bronze. The garden has been very productive, Dahlias, Delphiniums, Nigella,  Astrantia, Sweet Peas, Asters, Paeonies, Hydrangea and herbs have all been used as they became ready. It’s hard to predict exactly what will be ready to use each week and if the quality will be suitable for Wedding or other work, but there’s something very satisfying in including our home grown flowers whenever we can. Garden foliages always feature and we’ve used our garden Roses, Osmanthus and Pittosporum alongside Camelia and Viburnum, with Ivy, Clematis and Vine trails. From freshly cut to the conditioning buckets, from the cutting garden to the workshop about 50 paces, the ultimate in eco floristry!

We have been reminded of the damage we do to our world and this year foam free floristry has been in focus. We love the relaxed style that can be achieved. Foam free techniques and mechanics go back to how flower arranging first developed with larger containers filled with water and chicken wire, and even earlier containers of wet sand. We have cut down on the use of flower foam and use a biodegradable one where designs are either going to be moved around or need to last  more than a couple of days. Once used, biodegradable foam goes into the base of our planters to save on bagged compost and allow the garden compost to go on the vegetable beds. We choose to use very little moss. Peat bogs and other sources of moss are oxygen releasing eco systems and need to be conserved rather than raided. We have always re cycled whenever we could, long before it became popular. Brought up by parents who lived through rationing we still have the values of repair/mend/make/don’t be wasteful that were instilled in childhood!

We have had very happy times with Brides at our favourite places, Lemore Manor, and The Curradine Barns,  we  have also been along to Bredenbury Barns , Whitney Court, Redhouse Barns, and Brinsop Court ,  our area has some fabulous venues to choose from! 

We have worked with some lovely photographers though the season, if you haven’t booked one yet do look at Dean Jones,  and Amy Taylor, they are two of the best with fantastic portfolios online.

Autumn will slip into winter but not before we cut and carve pumpkins and dress the door with autumn foliage. In the UK pumpkin carving has become popular but there’s a long way to go before we have the wonderful doorways we saw in the Texas last year.

Next year’s planner is already busy and we are taking bookings into 2021, with very exciting news from our ‘American branch’ we look forward to happy times ahead!

The Bees have had a good year; it’s time to put them to bed with a feed of sugar syrup, then its time to cut some pumpkins……………………