christmas wreath worcester

Christmas 2018

The year has flown by ….how can it already be mid December? After our amazing trip to Texas where Thanksgiving was immediately followed by Christmas Tree lighting in McKinney, we tried to make an early start on Christmas. There were so many beautifully decorated homes and the shops were twinkly and even prettier than we […]

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Summer 2018

Images of a sunny summer starring Lemore Manor and David (giving the doorway arch a good soaking.) Blue sky and sunshine as far as the eye can see, another perfect summer day here.  Mum used to quote ‘Happy the Bride the suns shines on’ meaning a sunny day heralds years of joy to follow, it […]

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Spring 2018

It’s a bright spring day today but falls after a long, cold, wet spell. It would be easy to feel that spring is taking its time this year as it’s been too soggy underfoot to do much in the garden and notice all the buds but today after conditioning today’s  flowers I took the camera […]

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Merry Christmas 2017

Christmas greetings to all our friends, Brides, customers and suppliers. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jane & David – Long Barn Flowers

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Late Autumn 2017

Well, we are very late with this blog, things have been steadily busy over the summer and all the other things that life can throw happened too.  Some challenges with our home, a water leak through a ceiling and rising damp in the oldest part of the house. Joy unconfined and dust everywhere. We are […]

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Jottings from the flower workroom

Image: A multi coloured wedding with some beautiful personal touches, some of  the links to the movie ‘Up’ were secrets until the day  and the bouquet had a hidden link to the Brides Gran and streamer ribbons…. It’s bright and blustery, a glorious day, with blossom petals blowing like confetti across the garden as I […]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Brrrrrrrr….it’s chilly and we have a flurry of snow falling, let’s see if it settles. The skis have been put away after a brilliant holiday but the sledge is ready.  After two weeks of sunshine, cloudless blue skies, and powdery soft dry snow in Austria this is all a bit different but it is snow […]

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Happy New Year Greetings from Long Barn Flowers

How quickly the holidays flew by, was it the same for you?  We saw the New Year in here at our new home and while we’re still unpacking and sorting things it was a happy time.  Now the holidays are officially over it’s time to do the final plans for some of the spring weddings […]

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Merry Christmas from Long Barn Flowers

Christmas greetings to all of our friends, customers and suppliers. Wishing you all health, happiness and success in 2017.

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Late Autumn 2016

It’s November and after a busy summer we are just winding back a little and enjoying the autumn colour. Reds, russets and golds in the garden and the last red apples on our trees all add to the rich colours, just before the winds blow the leaves away completely! During the summer we were packing […]

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